Visiting rules

The Burn Centre daily visiting times are:

  • from 13.00 am to 21.00 pm;


The rule is that visitors keep to the visiting times and that no more than two visitors at one time are with the patient. Different visiting times are only very rarely permitted. This must be arranged with the nursing staff.


Visits from children are, of course, just as important as from adults, in principle however children under twelve are not allowed to visit.

Procedures for visitors

There are hygiene procedure rules for visitors. Their purpose is to protect patients against infections from outside and to protect the hospital from burn wound bacteria.

  • Visitors must wear gloves at all times and wash their hands when leaving the box or ward.
  • When visiting a patient in a closed box, visitors must wash their hands in the airlock and then put on gloves and an apron.
  • Visitors may not visit any other patients in the hospital.
  • During their stay in the burn center, patients are not allowed to use any of the public areas in the hospital.


Because soil and water are good breeding grounds for bacteria, plants and flowers are not permitted. Artificial flowers can be given.


Good nutrition is very important for healing burn injuries. In consultation with the nursing staff visitors can bring all sorts of things: tasty snacks, fruit, soft drinks, etc.


Books, magazines, photos, CDs and DVDs and other means of amusement and passing the time are also welcome. Wireless Internet is available in the hospital and mobile (smart) phones and tablets may be used.