Treatment of children

Obesity in children can have serious consequences for their health at a later age. It is therefore important to effectively combat this overweigh at an early age already.

Treatment in the RKZ

Children with overweight can also be treated in the RKZ Obesity Centre in the Red Cross Hospital (RKZ). The Paediatrics Department has special office hours for children with obesity.


The paediatrician or general practitioner can refer your child to the paediatrician in the RKZ. If serious overweight is indeed concerned, we will investigate whether there are indications of an underlying physical cause. For that matter, this is not often the case.


In general, we also execute a physical examination and blood examination, apart from the anamnesis (interview).


We also look at the consequences of the overweight. For example: (the predecessors of) diabetes or fat liver. Finally, in consultation with you and your child we discuss which will be the best counselling course.


The Paediatrics Department of the RKZ collaborates with two regional counselling courses for children with overweight: 'Vet Cool' (Fat Cool) and 'Kids 1, 2 Move'. Furthermore your child will visit the paediatrician every three months in order to review the effect of the counselling.


'Vet Cool'

Children in the Beverwijk vicinity are referred to ‘Vet Cool’*, a special programme for children with overweight that counsels the adaptation of the lifestyle (nutrition and exercise). More on this programme can be found on the (dutch) website of Beverwijk municipality.


* ('Vet Cool' = Fat Cool: in dutch this is a popular expression among children to express enthousiasm)


'Kids 1, 2 Move'

For children living closer to IJmuiden there is the ‘Kids 1, 2 Move’ programme. The objective of this programme is learning a healthy lifestyle as well. More information on 1, 2 Move can be found on the (dutch) website of the associated practice Fysiotherapie Maas c.s. inIJmuiden.


The success of the counselling largely depends on both your motivation and that of your child. Although in general losing weight is not very easy, children do often feel better indeed.  Also when the loss of weight is somewhat disappointing.


For an appointment during the obesity office hours you can call the outpatient's clinic Paediatrics, (+31)(0)251 265 692, Mo-Fri from 08:30 till 17:00 hours. A referral from a paediatrician or general practitioner is needed.