Our team of surgeons consists of three bariatrics surgeons (bariatrics = surgery in case of obesity) from the 'Surgeons North-West Partnership', (, dutch website).


This partnership is a partnership between the surgeons of the Red Cross Hospital and the Medical Centre Alkmaar (MCA). Our surgeons already have decades' experience with bariatrics operations.


The 3 surgeons are:

Dr H.A. Cense


Dr Cense (Huib) has worked in the Red Cross Hospital since August 1, 2006.

  • training: medical degree in 1996, surgeon since 2004 continuing to gastrointestinal surgeon.
  • focus areas: gastrointestinal and esophageal surgery laparoscopic surgery, bariatric surgery, oncology.
  • thesis: Novel aspects of esophageal cancer surgery (31-10-2007, University of Amsterdam)

Drs M.A.J.M. Hunfeld

Drs Hunfeld (Michiel) has worked in the Red Cross Hospital since January 1, 1992.

  • training: medical degree in 1981, surgeon since 1989
  • focus areas: bariatric surgery, gastrointestinal and esophageal surgery, oncology laparoscopic surgery

Dr. A. Demirkiran

Dr Demirkiran (Ahmet) is working in the Red Cross Hospital since April 2014.

  • Training: Medical Degree in 2006, bariatric surgeon since 2013.
  • Focus areas: gastrointestinal surgery, laparoscopic surgery, oncological surgery. 
  • Thesis: 'Dynamics of regulatory T cells in liver transplantation' (Erasmus University / Erasmus Medical Centre Rotterdam)