Association of Dutch Burn Centres

The three burn centers in the Netherlands (Beverwijk, Groningen, Rotterdam) work together as the Association of Dutch Burn Centres (ADBC). An important part of their work is to carry out joint research.



Three professors are connected to the Burn Centre of the Red Cross Hospital in Beverwijk:

  • Prof. Dr. Ester Middelkoop, Endowed Professor of skin regeneration and wound management at the VUmc (Amsterdam) and director of the ADBC.
  • Prof. Dr. Paul van Zuijlen,  Endowed Professor for burn injury management at the VUmc (Amsterdam) and plastic surgeon.
  • Prof. Dr. Roelf Breederveld, Endowed Professor for acute wound management at the LUMC (Leiden) and surgeon.

Dutch Burns Foundation

The Burns Foundation ('Brandwondenstichting', also in Beverwijk) collects money for research into burns (treatment) and for the care and treatment of people with burn injuries.


The Foundation spends a considerable amount on research and part of this research is implemented in the Burn Center of the Red Cross hospital.


You can see a summary of the burns research that the Burns Foundation finances on their website (in Dutch).

Research in the RKZ

The RKZ provides high-quality clinical burns care and significant breakthroughs in the field of burns treatment have also originated in the RKZ.


A number of examples (as yet incomplete) of research in which the RKZ has been involved or has been research manager, can be seen below:

    • Various treatment methods for scars
    • Research into skin replacement material using own cells, with European subsidy.
    • Research into the use of perforators
    • Adjustment of dermal structure of scar tissue
    • Dermal substitute and vacuum therapy
  • Skin stretching for acute burns