Preliminary course

Preliminary course

In short: during the preliminary course, the bariatrics surgeon and the Dutch Obesity Clinic (NOK) assess your application. You will then receive a positive or negative advice on an operation and treatment.


Subsequently, when the advice is positve, you start in the preliminary course with 7 treatment sessions of the Dutch Obesity Clinic.


The preliminary course lasts in total around 12 weeks. Below you can read extensively on the preliminary course:


You can register directly with the Red Cross Hospital (RKZ). You do however need a referral from your general practitioner or other specialist in attendance.


Subsequently, you will make an appointment by telephone with the bariatrics nurse of the RKZ within one week. She will inform you on the course. She will also register you with the Dutch Obesity Clinic.

Orientation interview

You will be invited for an orientation interview at the RKZ. During this group discussion of two hours you will – if necessary together with your partner – receive information on obesity in a general sense. Furthermore the following issues will be discussed:

  • your motivation
  • the multi-disciplinary screening (= screening by healthcare workers with      different expertises)
  • the complete treatment
  • the changes that the patient will experience in his or her life because of the      treatment.


By the end of this interview, you can make the following consideration for yourself: do I want to enter into this course or not (yet)?


Experience has shown that this discussion is experienced as very explicative. You will be presented with information materials and an eating diary to be filled in, in preparation for the multi-disciplinary screening.

Multi-disciplinary screening

After the orientation interview, you will make an appointment for the multi-disciplinary screening. You will subsequently be examined by a doctor, dietician, psychologist, and an exercise expert. These examinations take place within one part of a day.


Based on all information obtained, the various healthcare workers hold consultations with each other and formulate an advice. Thereby the Dutch Obesity Clinic makes use of the following criteria:

  • those of the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity (IFSO,
  • those that assess the motivation of the patient
  • eating and exercise behaviour in the past.


Subsequently a written advice is sent to the referring doctor/specialist.

Interview with surgeon

After the NOK has issued an advice, you will be invited for an interview with the surgeon. He or she discusses the most suitable operation and the possible consequences with you. You will also be informed on the expected date of the operation. Subsequently, a pre-operative screening takes place.

Treatment sessions before the operation

The Dutch Obesity Clinic prepares you well for the operation. Before the operation, 7 treatment sessions will be organised. During those sessions you will among other things elaborate on change of lifestyle and we take a look at the future.