Operation: for whom?

When are you eligible for treatment of obesity in the Red Cross Hospital?


Firstly, you should suffer from obesity (serious overweight) or morbid obesity (extreme overweight) for a prolonged period of time.


Secondly you made a lot of efforts yourself to lose weight: by yourself and with the aid of professional counselling.

Conditions for operation in case of obesity

There are yet more conditions to a bariatrics operation (operation in case of obesity). We will summarise those for you below:

  • You have a BMI higher than 40 (morbid obesity).
  • Or: you have a BMI higher than 35, in combination with other health risks.
  • You are strongly motivated to change your current eating behaviour.
  • In the past you have undertaken serious attempts to lose weight.
  • You have had extreme overweight for at least five years.


Serious eating disorders (such as bulimia), serious psychiatric disorders, and alcoholism are reasons not to operate someone.