After the preliminary course of around 12 weeks, you are ready for the operation in order to solve your overweight.


The operation takes place in the Red Cross Hospital (RKZ). Depending on the operation, your stay in the hospital will take around 3 days.


During the interview with the surgeon (see Preliminary course) he or she has discussed with you which operation is most suitable for you:

  • a gastric bypass
  • a gastric sleeve

Gastric bypass

Gastric bypass

During the ‘gastric bypass’ operation, the stomach is split into two. The upper part of the stomach is connected to the final part of the small intestine.


The other part of the small intestine and the stomach no longer function. Because of this, you will take in fewer nutrients and you will lose weight.


The advantage of the gastric bypass is the double effect. The stomach reduction sees to it that you cannot eat that much anymore. The shortening of the small intestine sees to it that the body only takes in a part of the food.


Also watch the video: Gastric bypass in the RKZ

Gastric sleeve

Gastric sleeve

During the ‘gastric sleeve’ operation, the surgeon removes a large part of the stomach, so that a small, tube-like stomach remains.


The operation is mostly carried out for patients with a very extreme overweight (BMI above 60). Often, after 1 to 3 years a second operation is necessary (‘duodenal switch’).


This operation is also carried out if a gastric bypass operation (see above) is too dangerous or too difficult. It is a relatively safe operation.