Dutch Burn Centre Beverwijk

The Burn Center (BWC) at the Red Cross Hospital (RKZ) in Beverwijk, Holland, is internationally known as the 'Dutch Burn Center Beverwijk'.


This department of the RKZ provides high-quality clinical care in the field of burns treatment. High-quality clinical care is extremely specialized care, which requires particular expertise and often special facilities, too.


Beverwijk is known both at home and abroad as the place for (inter)nationally highly rated burn injuries care. The Burn Centre treats both people with serious burn injuries and also, because of their expertise in the field of scar treatment, those with other serious wounds.


The treatment of burn injuries requires a multidisciplinary approach: specialists from different disciplines work together to provide the best possible care and treatment.


The BWC is also a research center and the birthplace of pioneering scientific research and new methods for treating burns.


Among other things, this website provides information about burns, their treatment and hospitalization in the Dutch Burn Center Beverwijk.

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