Discharge and home again

A burns patient is not discharged until they are ready. A number of things often have to be arranged before the patient can go home.


There usually has to be help changing the dressings. If there are family members available to do this, a nurse will give instructions.

District nurse

In other cases the after-care nurse will arrange for a district nurse to come and do this. Patients with extensive, serious burns often need to go a rehabilitation center to convalesce or sometimes be transferred to a nursing home.


The after-care nurse also supports children with burns and their parents. There is the 'Back to school project' for example when the after-care nurse accompanies the child on the first day back to school after the accident.

After discharge

Help also continues for the burns patient after discharge. The patient is given an appointment for the burns clinic where the healing of the wound is checked.


Around the time of discharge attention is also paid to the psychosocial aspects and the return to everyday life. Contact with fellow sufferers can help in adapting to all this.