Children's Burn Centre

Under four

More than half of the children admitted to the Red Cross Hospital with serious burns are under four years of age.


Most children are admitted to the children's burn center, which is part of the children's department. However if the burns are extremely serious, then they are admitted to the burn center for adults.

Advantages and amenities

The children's burn center has twelve beds: six for child burn victims and six for parents who can stay with their child day and night.


The advantage of having a children's burn center in the children's ward is that amenities for the children are within easy reach. For example, once they are feeling a bit better the children can go to the playroom. Here they can play and talk to other children in the hospital about what has happened to them. This is a way of gradually starting to cope with disturbing events and to start moving again through play.


Teaching assistants and specialist nurses also work on the children's ward and can guide and care for the children.


There is a special website about the Children's Burn Center for children and young people supplying information (in Dutch) for children of various ages. Go to